..Kene tagged lagi!!..

I’ve been tagged by Sofahani @ honeylalala~~


First Name – Nurul ‘Izzah
Nickname – Iezah, Nurul, Zah, Nisda Syarfini
Name you wish you had – (i really luv my name)
What do people normally mistake your name as – izzah without ‘ sepatutnya ‘izzah
Birthday – 16th September 1987 (Hari Malaysia)
Birthplace – Hosp. Bersalin Pulau Pinang
Time of Birth – 5:45 a.m.
Single or taken – Taken!
Zodiac sign – Virgo


How tall are you – hurmm… only 156 kot..
Wish you were taller – haishh.. xyah laa tinggi kot..
Eye color – dark brown
Eye color you want – hazel.. haha
Natural Hair color – Natural. tak celup2..
Current Hair color – secret recipe!
Short or long hair – secret recipe!
Current Hair – secret recipe!
Curly,Straight,Wavy – Secret recipe!
Glasses or contacts – Contact lenses.. simple!
Do you wear make-up? eye-liner jek! tue pun kdg2..

What color eyes – dark brown
What color hair – black!
Shy or Outgoing – easy going
Looks or personality – Personality of courseeeeeee..
Sexy or Cute – neat and tidy!
Serious or Fun – i need both
Older or Younger than you – older la of course..
A turn on – smart same as brain.
A turn off – (wat u r trying to say??)

Flowers or Chocolate – chocolate.. i dont prefer flowers at all!!
Pepsi or Coke – Coca-cola.. ye!!
Rap or Rock – Anything pun layannnn..
Relationship or One night stand – relationship of course.. ada apa dengan 1 nite stand??!!
School or Work – UMians..
Love or Money – money needs love but love doesnt need money but sumtimes only,haha! (pinjam ayat sofahani)
Movies or Music – layann dua2 ikut mooooood.. xd moood, xjadi jugak!
Country or City – country of course! tenang n aman..
Sunny or Rainy days – yang penting tak perlu berpayung! xlarat nak usung!
Friends or Family – both..

Lied – of course sumtimes!
Stole something – stole sumone heart.. haha..
Smoked – i hate dat! of course im not dat type of lady!
Hurt someone close to you – soriii.. tak sengaja!
Broke someones heart – ooopppppsss.. maaf!!
Had your heart broken – of course!!
Wondered what was wrong with you – always.. nak kata public figure.. x pun!!
Wish you were a prince/princess – isshhh.. xbest nyeerrr..
Liked someone who was taken – sumone stole it from me!!
Shaved your head – never ever!!
Been in love – aku ingin mencinai dan dicintai~~
Used chopsticks – selalu sangat!
Sang in the mirror to yourself – selalu jugak!
Ever cried over someone – of course babe!!
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself – yes.
Do you think you’re attractive – aha! not sure..
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose – belle! (from beauty and the beast)
Do you play any sports – sumtimes!! indoor yang paling banyak..

Flower – ade ke?? suka tengok jerr..
Candy – cadbury is enough!
Song – layaannnnnnnnn sume..
Scent – gucci envy me
Color – balck, orange, white.. (awesome!)
Movie – tentang dia
Singer – siti nurhaliza, hujan
Words – hang gila ka?? (for dis moment only since PM)
Junk food – jeruk buah.. sedapnye!!
Website – http://nisdasyarfini.worpress.com , http://syerahomar.fotopages.com
Lotion – hand lotion by Nivea
Animal – Red-eye slider turtle..

Link to your tagger and post these rules.

– List (8) random facts about yourself , and
·insomnia, workaholic, fussy, sensitive, serious
·people said dat i am : smileless, fierce, gila2.
·kesimpulannya = tak kenal maka tak cinta..

– Tag (8) people.

·kudozu, fariza, ali asyraf, maisarah razali, adila beckham, newacx, yatie saiko, n you (who ever read dis blog)!!
·and to all of you above.. u have been tagged!!

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  1. oh sorry,i’ve tagged before but i dont feel like to talk about describing myself in my own blog.ahahah..time kasih yer.nmpknye anda sgt mengingati saye.XD

    nisdasyarfini : it’s ok sis..

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